1957 Chevy Apparition

1957 Chevy Apparition was an exhibition at Market Gallery, Glasgow featuring three short films produced in Cuba with Florrie James. They use a mixture of documentary and fiction to explore the vastly differing and contradictory ways Cuban history and politics are represented.

The first film, Neon Pink, represents a slipping of consciousness of its central narrator, who travels through memories and time, grasping at a whole vision but never managing to break through the layers of truth and invention. 

The second film, Transgenic Technology and Recombinant DNA Techniques is a fictional report on the state of agriculture on the island in a time of considerable economical and social change.

The third, Caña, is an allegorical story of a woman wondering through a sugar cane plantation,  coming across three apparitions who embody the distant voices of post colonial writer Ngugi Wa Thiongo, Bolivian feminist activist group Mujeres Creando, and feminist theorist Luce Irigaray.